Want User-Friendly Websites? Fast Loading Speed Is Crucial

When it comes to designing a website for your business, putting page speed on the back burner can cost you big time. User-friendly websites designed with visitors in mind can help increase brand growth, visibility, and revenue maximization. Page speed plays a significant role in creating user-friendly experiences. Your website …

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5 Tips for Finding the Best Website Designer

When you are ready to build a website for your business, hiring an experienced website designer is a wise investment. Although there are many “drag and drop” programs available that make it easy for anyone to build a webpage, you will quickly discover that there is more to building a …

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Website Design Essentials: 6 Key Things to Consider When Designing a Website

In this digital age, having a website for your business is essential to your survival. Websites can increase your visibility and awareness of your brand. It can also help you gain access to potential customers looking up businesses through search engines. Good website design has some important elements to consider. …

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4 Reasons Customization Is the Key to Web Design in 2020

Your business’ website is much like a storefront in a crowded mall. Potential customers flood the walkways with loads of cash at their disposal, waiting to be drawn in by the visuals your store has to offer (and a sale or two, of course). Would you try to entice them by matching …

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3 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2020 and Beyond

These days, online marketing is the dominant form of advertising. However, many small and medium-sized businesses still hesitate to get on board. Instead, they opt for a few standard advertising techniques to slowly yet steadily bring in customers over time. These techniques simply don’t work in an age where most …

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Four Ways a Digital Marketing Manager Can Jump-Start Your Online Profile

You know you have to be online and visible, so you build your online profile. How long will you have to wait around for Google (and your customers) to find it? While every situation is different, it could be months before you see a change, and that’s assuming you did everything right! You need a way to jump-start your online profile, and that’s what a digital marketing manager can do for you.

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IWD is a resource for FREE Marketing Tools

To show our support for other small businesses we are excited to share a number of free marketing tools that have a proven track record.

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8 Work at Home Tips from a Seasoned Small Business Owner

I’m hoping everyone reading this post is both feeling and doing well during this public health crisis. It’s a challenging environment for everyone, both personally and professionally, but I take comfort in knowing the shared experience may help bring us all closer together once the worst has passed. As a …

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5 Hot Small Business Marketing Topics Our Readers Keep Coming Back To

Whether you’re new to our blog or a long-time reader, you may have missed some of the popular small business marketing information we’ve been sharing. So this month, we present a recap of some of our top-trending posts from the last year. Read on to find the answers to questions …

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