2 Hour Power Session

2 Hour Power Session

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Owning a business is the ultimate dream. But small business owners know that even if you love what you do, getting “stuck” can come with the territory: “Where do I go next?” “Does my website work for me?” “Why isn’t my marketing working for me anymore?” “How do I grow faster?”

Don’t go it alone. Infinite Web Designs has got your back. A two-hour power session with our founder, Amy DeLardi, may be just what you need to get on the right track to take your marketing (and your business) to the next level.

What’s a Power Session?

Imagine spending two ultra-focused hours, one-on-one, with someone as passionate about growing your business as you are. Now imagine walking away with answers to all your digital marketing questions, full of fresh ideas and armed with actionable steps for a positive impact on your business. That’s a POWER SESSION.

“Successful is an understatement for how my first “2 Hour Power Session” went with Amy. For so long, my website was only an idea in my head that I wasn’t quite sure how to make a reality, but after working with her, I felt capable and empowered to create my online platform. Equally valuable was Amy’s enthusiasm, investment in the project, and love of her job. She helped develop my design ideas and navigate the online steps.” ~RLW, FairfieldCT

Let’s get specific. What can you really help me with?

  • Struggling with WordPress? Want hands-on training? Amy’s got you!
  • Grappling with your website design or usability? Amy has 18+ years website design experience she would love to share with you.
  • Not sure if your digital marketing efforts are working? Learn how to read your analytics.
  • Want to run a marketing campaign but you’re not sure where to start? Get tips and tricks from a pro.
  • Wish you had some customized/branded graphics for your marketing? Watch Amy put her 20+ years of design skills to work.
  • Need a crash course on the latest marketing trends? Tap into Amy’s abundant ideas.
  • Unclear about who your target audience really is? Let’s identify them together. Amy will help you build audience personas that show you exactly who your ideal customer really is.
  • Confused about how to use social media to reach potential customers? Let Amy help you build a clear and organized plan of action.
  • Overwhelmed with questions about email marketing, brand strategy, finding leads, increasing website traffic, or anything else marketing-related? Amy’s got over 18 years of experience working with businesses like yours. If you’ve got a question, she’s got an answer.
  • Maybe you just need a partner to help keep you organized and on track? The A in Amy stands for accountability!

“Amy is so pleasant to work with! I especially love her 2 Hour Power Sessions. They helped create the marketing framework for my start up and was time efficient…she helps you get a lot of work done in just two hours!
The first session, we brainstormed different marketing techniques and Amy had a lot of creative ideas.
In the second session, she helped create and plan an editorial calendar with relevant blogging topics, popular SEO, and hashtags.
Amy’s expertise in effective marketing strategy helped me clarify what I most needed help with.
Working with Amy is feasible for any size business because she is flexible in what services would most benefit you and where you are at keeping in mind long and short term priorities.
Thanks Amy!” ~ Lexi Brenner | Avoca’Do ™

Working with hundreds of small businesses just like yours, Amy has consistently delivered value, helped avoid costly mistakes and left clients with the know-how and the motivation to achieve their goals. And in two personalized hours, she will empower you too.

Amy delivers. And that’s a promise. You will walk away from your power session with the information and ideas you need to align your business goals with action.

“I recently met with Amy DeLardi of Infinite Web Designs for a 2-hour Power Session. Having that one-on-one time to lay out a plan and specific action items to meet my goals was absolutely time well spent! As a sole business owner, the most valuable part for me was the customized attention to my business and my specific goals and challenges. Since time is so limited, I appreciated an experienced and insightful sounding board to help me navigate the ever-changing online marketing landscape and I will definitely reach out to them again as I work to put our social media and email marketing plans into action.” ~ Pamela Raskin | GEMbellishments Jewelry

Ready to get started?

Fill out the form below. By initiating your power session, you are opening up a conversation with Amy to learn more about what you want to focus on. You are not going to be committing to any obligation other than a conversation for next steps in booking your power session.

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Still not sure a Power Session can take your business to the next level?

Power Up Your Business in Two Hours or Less

Like most business owners, you probably find yourself at the end of the week with more “to-dos” than “done” entries on your ever-growing task list. And when you’re just keeping your head above water with daily responsibilities, it can be challenging to find time for growing your business. It’s so easy to let things like planning your social media strategy, learning how to read your marketing analytics, or updating your website fall to the bottom of the pile.

“Amy DeLardi was very knowledgeable and helpful during my 2 Hr Power Session. She took me through all the steps I needed to know to become an Amazon Affiliate and to improve my SEO for my blog. We explored different WordPress themes and eliminated some options that were unable to meet my needs. Amy gave me some great advise and I am hoping to see some improvements in readership and engagement moving forward.” ~ Jennifer B. | Book Nation By Jen

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