Google's GBP Websites Shutdown: Adapting to a Digital Reset

Google’s GBP Websites Shutdown: Adapting to a Digital Reset

Small businesses are feeling the impact of Google’s recent decision to discontinue GBP (Google Business Profile) Websites. Its abrupt closure, which was once seen to be a ground-breaking venture, has forced businesses to reconsider their digital strategies. GBP Website Closures: A Change in the Digital Landscape The closure of GBP …

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Does AI Generated Content Rank in Google?

Google drives a stunning ninety-three percent of global internet traffic with an impressive eighty-five billion visitors. Google’s search engine drives internet commerce. Quality content and superior customer experiences drive Google’s success. You may be wondering if AI generated content will rank in Google. The short answer is yes, for now, …

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Why Having an Accurate Listing Makes Your Business Stand Out

Listings are a big part of your online presence. They provide your business with the opportunity to be noticed by potential customers in search engines, on social media, and even on review sites like Yelp or Trip Advisor. Having an accurate listing is key to getting customers to your business, …

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How to Accelerate Lead Generation with Website Management and Maintenance Strategies

Did you know that lead generation is the number one challenge small businesses face? It is especially true because, without efficient lead generation, the business would struggle and eventually fail.  It takes a lot to build a business from scratch, but it is even more challenging to ensure sufficient lead …

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