Global Wellness Journey

Global Wellness Journey’s mission is to provide the best possible support, knowledge and wellness solutions that enable others to grow into the very best versions of themselves.

The objective of Global Wellness was to revamp their existing logo and website, enhancing its aesthetics and elevating the brand. Additionally, they aimed to integrate a product catalog with an e-commerce solution, enabling customers to place orders directly through the website.


  • A modern logo design, meticulously crafted to embody and elevate the visual brand identity of Global Wellness Journey.
  • A mobile-friendly and responsive website that adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices.
  • An organized and easily navigable product catalog with categories, tags, and filters for easy browsing.
  • A built-in inventory management system to track stock levels, backorders, and low-stock notifications.
  • User-friendly customer account creation and management, with options for order tracking, order history, and wishlists.
  • Easy sharing of products and content on social media platforms, as well as integration with Facebook and Instagram.


“I love Infinite Web Designs, LLC! They were super professional and did a fantastic job on creating the website of my dreams. They really listen to the needs of their client. I’m so happy I found them through a friend.” ~ Megan Pacetti