Cobblestone Consulting

Cobblestone Consulting LLC, a leader in insurance, reinsurance, and risk management consultation.


Our mission with Cobblestone Consulting was multi-faceted: carving out their digital footprint through a logo, brand identity, and new website. We took their vision, infused it into an iconic logo and compelling branding, which wove seamlessly together in an informative, blog-enabled website. Add to this mix our tailored email and social media marketing strategies, we launched their refreshed brand and set the stage for their future success.


  1. Brand Strategy: Crafted a unique brand identity that captured Cobblestone Consulting’s vision and voice.
  2. Logo Design: Crafted a distinctive emblem that embodies the company’s values, character, and identity.
  3. Website Design and Development: Built a responsive and intuitive WordPress website amplifying the company’s online footprint.
  4. Graphic Design: Enhanced the blogging experience with attractive blog images.
  5. SEO: Implemented robust SEO practices to ensure better visibility and higher website traffic.
  6. Social Media – Empowered client to excel on LinkedIn by developing a tailored content strategy and training on the platform’s robust tools for business enhancement.
  7. Email Marketing – Executed MailChimp setup, crafted customized templates, and strategized dynamic email content to increase marketing efforts.


“Amy and her team have done an outstanding job. As a complete neophyte in web-design and digital marketing Amy has very patiently walked me through the entire process from logo design and branding to web design and digital marketing. She has also gone out of her way to teach me the basics of digital marketing. If you are starting out and need a great marketing coach Amy and the team at Infinite Web Designs, LLC are the best!” ~ Pete Thomas

For a comprehensive view of our work, check out our portfolio.