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Need a Computer Nerd?

Infinite Web Designs has been busy this summer designing websites, logos and improving client’s website search engine optimization.

We are proud to announce one of our most recent website re-design for Go2Nerds ( Go2Nerds is your 24/7 technology expert, specializing in all things computer for residential clients and businesses.

Make sure to check out their website and remember to think of them next time you need a technology expert for your home or business.

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Infinite Mind Share Seminar Discussions

Still have questions from the recent seminars? Post your questions here and get answers from other local businesses and industry professionals. We encourage you all to comment on other posted questions as well. The more participation there is the more we all learn.

If you need to refer back to the presentation from the seminar click here

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And the Winner is…

The Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC) had their annual breakfast last week. Infinite Web Designs was there to help celebrate WBDC’s new website and branding. It was a very successful event and we want to thank all of you who stopped by our booth. At the event we had a drawing for an iTunes gift card. We are proud to announce that Nadia Louyer from Phinal Staging & Redesign, LLC is the winner of the gift card! Thanks again to all of you who attended the WBDC Breakfast.

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WBDC AM Business Breakfast

Big news this week! Infinite Web Designs will be launching a newly re-designed website for the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC). WBDC is a non-profit, micro-enterprise, development organization. Their goal is to empower women (and men) to succeed in business by providing education, training, and support. The launch will be celebrated tomorrow at their WBDC AM Business Breakfast.  Our team is looking forward to attending and showing off the new website and branding that we have done for WBDC.

If you are planning on being at the event, make sure to stop by and our booth and get a chance to talk to our team about what we can do for your business, while also getting the chance to win an iTunes Gift card.

Stay tuned… Tomorrow we will be posting periodic updates about the event and the winner of the iTunes gift card.

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Social Media Revolution

No one can deny that social media is here to stay. It has engulfed our younger generations and has offered advertising and marketing possibilities to small and big businesses alike. A friend sent me this video created by John Lai that was posted on YouTube last year. I think it is a great example of exactly how much communication has changed and how fast it is changing.

As displayed in this video, if you are not playing a role in social media you are missing a huge market of people. More and more people depend on Google searches, Facebook commentary, and blog advice to make their consumer decisions. Becoming involved in social media is not too expensive, it just takes time. I hope this video proves that taking the time is worth the value to your business. Infinite Web Designs can help you come up with a social media strategy, set up your accounts, and even manage them. Contact us today to start or improve your social media business strategy and take advantage of the endless possibilities waiting for you.

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Launching Diba Industries

We are launching a new site for Diba Industries! Diba provides fluid path assemblies and products to companies using fluids in their manufacturing. The IWD team used Diba’s design and created an optimized website to stand out from their competition. We developed their website using a content management platform so that they can build their online portfolio of products to increase their website rankings across the major search engines. So make sure to stop by Diba Industries new site and see what you think.

Thinking it is time for you to re-design your company’s website? It is never a bad time re-design. Our team specializes in re-designing websites to give their clients that extra edge that they want.  Many companies have a website, but you need a great website that is optimized and user friendly to make your company successful on the web.  Make sure to check out our portfolio to get ideas for your future website re-design.

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Fun Friday Fact!

Ten Shortcuts on Microsoft Word you didn’t know about

  1. F4 – Repeats the last action performed (for Word 2000+)
  2. Ctrl+F2 – Print preview
  3. Alt+Ctrl+F2 – Opens documents
  4. Ctrl+Z – Undo last action, which always comes in handy
  5. Ctrl+L – Aligns everything to the left
  6. Alt+Shift+D – Insert the current date
  7. Ctrl+K – Inserts a link
  8. F5 – Opens the “find and replace” window
  9. F7 – Checks for spelling and grammar mistakes
  10. Ctrl+Mouse wheel – Zooms in and out of the document

Now it’s your turn! Share any shortcuts you find come in handy in your daily life. Have a great weekend!

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Where Do You Rank?

Have you looked recently how well you stack up to your competitors on the web? It is so important to make sure you are making the right impression online. More and more people are making their consumer decisions based only on what they find on search results like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. So take a few minutes right now, and search a keyword/keyphrase you think people would use to find your business or product. For example if you are Sullivan’s Antiques, you will want to try keywords like “Antiques, Fairfield CT.”

Not where you want to be? Infinite Web Designs can help! We have a SEO specialist that can help put you at the top where your business belongs. Call us today to see what we can do for your company.

For more information about what SEO is and how it can help your company, check out our SEO service page.

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Quick Tip: Twitter Whiners

Sometimes you will have an issue with someone repeatedly making negative comments about your company. You want them to stop but you are not sure how. Whether you intervene into the conversation should be discussed on a case by case basis. However, if you feel it is libel you may want to step in sooner than later. The best advice I can give is to contact this person via twitter and offer to help anyway you can. Most times they will stop talking about you once they know you are listening. Unfortunately, if they keep it up there is not much you can do. The more you respond the more negative attention you will get. Usually it is better to just let them rant. There is a certain type of person who just likes to complain about everything, and the people reading their twitter feeds will probably figure that out pretty quickly and learn to ignore the rants. Eventually they will get tired of talking about you, and move one to someone else. As long as you make that initial step to reach out and lend a hand, you will maintain a good company image.

If you want advice about a specific incident happening to your company, leave a message below explaining your situation.

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Negative Twitter Comments

And How to Deal With Them

Getting involved in a conversation with someone writing bad comments about your company on Twitter is a slippery slope. Ninety percent of the time I recommend not intervening. People need to let off steam and they will find a way to do it whether you’re watching or not. I only recommend you intervene if you believe that there is something your company can do to help. For example if they say “I hate Company x, I will never use them again!” let it go, you will never be able to satisfy every customer. However, if they say “I hate Company X, I ordered their product 10 days ago and I still haven’t gotten it!” In this instance you may want to participate in the discussion because there is something concrete that you can do to help the situation. In this example you may want to use their name from twitter and try to figure out what is going wrong with their order and fix it. Then you can go onto Twitter, identify who you are and who you work for and explain that you are sorry for the delay and that you have put in a request for immediate delivery.

The one thing to be careful about is how you obtain the customer’s information. Check with your company’s legal team to find out what you can and cannot do. If you are not able to get the customer’s information or the shipping information it is best to contact the person via twitter. Let them know who you are and who you work for. Then tell them you want to help anyway you can and ask them to send you their information via twitter message or personal email so that you can deal with the matter more confidentially. It is very important to double check with someone else in your company before you send a message. You can never…I repeat NEVER take it back and you don’t want to fuel the fire.

The most important thing to remember is your image. If you believe that someone on twitter can benefit from you intervening, than it will benefit your image as well. Showing people that you are listening and willing to help will make them feel empowered, which can lead them to tell their friends about your company.

Next Tuesday we will address what to do if you can’t get someone to stop making negative comments. If you want advice about a specific incident happening to your company, leave a message below explaining your situation.

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