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Negative Twitter Comments

And How to Deal With Them

Getting involved in a conversation with someone writing bad comments about your company on Twitter is a slippery slope. Ninety percent of the time I recommend not intervening. People need to let off steam and they will find a way to do it whether you’re watching or not. I only recommend you intervene if you believe that there is something your company can do to help. For example if they say “I hate Company x, I will never use them again!” let it go, you will never be able to satisfy every customer. However, if they say “I hate Company X, I ordered their product 10 days ago and I still haven’t gotten it!” In this instance you may want to participate in the discussion because there is something concrete that you can do to help the situation. In this example you may want to use their name from twitter and try to figure out what is going wrong with their order and fix it. Then you can go onto Twitter, identify who you are and who you work for and explain that you are sorry for the delay and that you have put in a request for immediate delivery.

The one thing to be careful about is how you obtain the customer’s information. Check with your company’s legal team to find out what you can and cannot do. If you are not able to get the customer’s information or the shipping information it is best to contact the person via twitter. Let them know who you are and who you work for. Then tell them you want to help anyway you can and ask them to send you their information via twitter message or personal email so that you can deal with the matter more confidentially. It is very important to double check with someone else in your company before you send a message. You can never…I repeat NEVER take it back and you don’t want to fuel the fire.

The most important thing to remember is your image. If you believe that someone on twitter can benefit from you intervening, than it will benefit your image as well. Showing people that you are listening and willing to help will make them feel empowered, which can lead them to tell their friends about your company.

Next Tuesday we will address what to do if you can’t get someone to stop making negative comments. If you want advice about a specific incident happening to your company, leave a message below explaining your situation.

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Quick Tip: Who is talking about you on Twitter?

With millions of people on twitter, you must be wondering what they are talking about? Even if you do not have a twitter account you can still see if people are talking about your company. All you need to do is go to and find the big search bar on the top. Type in your company’s name and search. The search bar will help you find conversations where people are using your company’s name. Keep in mind the comments may have nothing to do with you, so it is important to read the context surrounding the comment. Just click on their picture and it will take you to the conversation. Also realize that the search only checks comments made in the last few days, so try a few times over the next couple of weeks.

Check back on Friday to find out what to do if people wrote something bad about your company on Twitter.

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IWD’s Updated Portfolio

Infinite Web Designs has been pretty busy these last few months and we want to share with you all of our new work. Check out IWD’s portfolio to see new logos for Longevity Care and Adventure Properties; as well as websites for Putnam Windows, Stamford Risk Analytics, Matt Andrew Photography, Kempo Academy for Martial Arts, and Fairfield County Woman.

While browsing, if you see something you like, give us a call at (203) 510.3134. We will sit down with you to discuss what we can do to help your business succeed. We offer a range of services and are willing to work within your budget.

Don’t need our help right now? Tell your friends! Our business is built on word-of-mouth, so we appreciate you passing along the word.

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Getting it Right the First Time

I received an e-mail recently entitled, “Cutting Costs In Tough Economic Times is a Reality.” The title struck me – it really got me thinking about how IWD stands apart from the competition.

A number of IWD’s clients come to us because they are looking to redesign their websites to utilize SEO and social media strategies. So how does this tie into cutting costs? Simply stated, if their sites had been designed and optimized correctly the first time, our clients would not have to allocate additional funds for a re-design.

At IWD, our team of professional designers, copywriters, programmers and optimization specialists gets it right the first time.

Unlike many of our competitors, we know a strong website is more than a pretty homepage – we deliver websites that are marketing tools designed and optimized to drive sales, support growth and to position our clients above the competition.

But don’t just take my word for it – click here to read what our clients have to say.

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10 facts about our new team member Leah

Leah Gangl recently joined the Infinite Web Design team as the Marketing & Account Rep. for Wisconsin. To get to know her better, here are ten interesting facts about our new team member.

1.  I am originally from St. Paul, Minnesota. Since then, I have called Shoreview, MN; Eau Claire, WI and Mankato, MN home.

2.  My first real job was as a Product Development Specialist for a company called The Occasions Group. It was my job to invent new products for weddings including favors, invitations, and centerpieces.

3.  I do not, and have not ever had coffee. However, I do drink tea and lots of it.

4.   I worked abroad in New Zealand for the Department of Conservation as a marketing and graphic designer.

5.  I currently volunteer at the Eau Claire Humane Association. Spay and Neuter your pets!

6.  I was a Kohls cashier for 3 years. I believe everyone should have the humbling experience of working a customer service job, especially during the holidays.

7.  I have 2 gray cats named Gobo and Juno. They have bigger personalities than any human I know.

8.  In college I was the president of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) for a year.

9.  I have visited 49 states; all I have left is Hawaii. I was lucky enough to spend many hours in a van with my family throughout my childhood.

10.  I have a degree in mass communications with an emphasis in public relations. I also have a minor degree in promotional event planning and a certificate in advanced business communications.

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It’s a wrap!

Thank you to WBDC for hosting a great event – and to all of the small business owners for coming out! What a wonderful group of women (and men!) to work with!

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Is your Website Ready to Ride the Social Media Wave?

The Infinite Web Designs team builds websites using the latest in social media – helping clients “talk” with their customers by blogging and by building followers and fans with prominent links to Facebook and Twitter. And better yet, our websites are ready to handle the social media tools that have yet to emerge – without the cost of a complete re-design!

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Think you don’t have time for Social Media?

Think again!
Using the latest “social media friendly” website design tools, it is easy to update your blog, post to your Facebook wall, Tweet, and update your LinkedIn status in one easy step!
What an easy way to save time and keep in touch with your customers!

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IWD – coming to you live!

Hello to my FB friends and to all of my tweeples!
Over the next several hours I will be blogging from the WBDC’s social media event as I discuss the how-to’s social media with small business owners.
I’m looking forward to a great event!

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Get Your Business Up to Speed with the Latest Advancements in Social Media!

I am preparing for tonight’s WBDC’s Social Media Summer Social.

TONIGHT: Monday, June 14
TIME: 6pm-8pm
WHERE: Naugatuck Valley Community College  |  Chase Parkway, Waterbury CT

No charge to members or non-members!

Connect with experts and get your social media and website/blog questions answered.

Heather B. Habelka of Red Poppy Marketing, LLC – What social media tools are best for your business? Find your unique voice and messaging to build your brand.

Amy DeLardi of Infinite Web Designs, LLC – Social media and search engine optimization (SEO) friendly websites and how to manage your time most effectively.

Guilia Gouge of SheSoSocial, LLC – Be seen and heard through social media!  Learn how Facebook and blogging can help shape your brand and connect you to your customers.

Marc Halpert of Your Best Interest LLC and Connect 2 Collaborate – Grow your business, image and brand through LinkedIn. Learn how to position  yourself as an expert by “paying it forward” with your “personal learning network.”

Ed Kuryluk of Right Mind Marketing and Infinite Mindshare – Utilize Twitter and blogging to grow your business. Learn twitter terminology and how best to grow your followers.

J. Sibley Law of Saxon Mills, LLC – Learn how to stand out with online videos for your business and products.

Come join us!

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