Meta What?

Meta content also known as meta tags is information for the search engines that is coded into your website, but does not appear on your website. Meta content usually includes a meta title, description and keywords. All this information is used by search engines to display information on their search results pages.

Search engine meta content

Keywords even though they are not displayed can help search engines make sure that they are displaying accurate information according to what the searcher is looking for.


Meta titles should be limited to less than 60 characters. This is very important because if it’s over 60 characters it will be cut off and searchers will not get to read the whole title. Titles are not only displayed on the search results pages, but also on the top of your internet browser when a visitor opens up your website.

Search engine meta content


If written well, your description may convince more people to click on your site even if it is ranked lower on the page. In Google, if your description contains part or all of the search term used, it will get bolded, drawing the reader’s attention to it. Keep your descriptions to 160 characters or less. Just like page titles, your description will get cut off, leaving your readers hanging.


Keywords are important for determining the path and strategy of your overall meta content. By having a list it will make it easier for you to add them into your titles and descriptions. Usually I recommend having at least 10 keywords and no more than 30-40, depending on the industry.

Remember, even though this meta content does not determine your ranking on search engines, having a good title and description can sway someone into choosing your website over one that is ranked higher. By including this information in your site you will help searchers know what to expect on your website, and for that reason possibly choosing your site over others.

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