Giving Social Media a Facelift

This week we decided to give IWD’s social media pages a facelift. Both Twitter and Facebook offer great opportunities to carry over the branding of your company and create a more interactive experience for your visitors.

IWD Twitter Page

Twitter allows you to create your own customized background. It is important to know that the width of your computer screen determines how much you can see of the background. All computers, no matter the width, will see at least 41pixels on either side of the twitter page.  Make sure to take advantage of this space by implementing your main brand elements along with your company name and logo.

IWD Facebook Page

Facebook, by far, has the most opportunities to customize your page to look exactly the way you want. You can choose to display certain tabs of information and create eye-catching profile pictures, like we talked about in the Jazz Up Your Facebook Page blog post.  However, you can take it a step further by creating an interactive welcome page, like IWD did for their Facebook. This page can be used as a marketing tool to get people to “like” your Facebook page, advertise your company, or link them to your website.

Please make sure to check out our new Twitter and Facebook pages and let us know what you think by leaving a comment on our wall.

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