Smart Phone App-iTeaser: Thursday

Each day this week, we will be examining a smart phone app that can help you run your business more effectively.

Smart phones are becoming more vital in the work place, and for some, it can revolutionize how they do their job. In a recent Pew Internet Project report, they found that “82% of adults in America use their mobile handsets on a daily basis.” In total there are 86 million mobile internet users as of 2010, which is up 25% from 2009, according to a report done by CNet. This illustrates just how dependent we are on our phones and how important it is to have the right tools to help. Because people are using their phones to conduct business on a daily basis; we want to highlight some of the apps that can be the most helpful.

Thursday’s App-iTeaser!

Dropbox blog postDropbox is a great way to keep all of documents organized. Dropbox allows people to ‘drop’ documents, notes, photos, and videos into one folder. Then it automatically syncs up with all of your different computers. This way whether you are using your home computer or a work computer, all the documents you use on your phone will be in there. You can also drop items to your Dropbox from your computer so that you can access them on your phone. It is just one more step to make sure you have everything you need no matter where you are.


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Check back every day this week for a new App-iTeaser for your smart phone! Is there a smart phone app that you can’t live without? Leave a comment below and share your favorite apps!

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