How To Communicate With Your Designer

When creating a website there are many things that designers have to take into account. What will the website be used for? Who is it targeting? How should it function? The more a client shares with a designer about what they are looking for, the easier it is for the designer to create the website they truly want. IWD has been designing websites since 2001; we have come up with a few tips to help you get the most out of working with your designer.

Know the type of functionality you want on the website

 Are you going to need a shopping cart or maybe a contact form? Anything that is interactive on your website is part of the functionality of the website. This also includes slide shows, videos, and event calendars.

Be able to provide examples of websites you find appealing

The best way for a designer to get a sense of your style and taste is to see examples of websites you like. Looking for site samples will also give you new ideas for your own site. Remember, the example sites do not have to be in your industry. Pick sites that reflect the design elements you want to see in your own website.

Know the target audience and demographics

Who you are targeting will greatly affect who the website will be designed to attract. Take the time to do your marketing research beforehand. It is better to do a little pre-planning rather than go back after the fact to fix or re-design something.

Be prepared with the content (text) that will appear on every page

The number 1 reason a site gets delayed in launching is because the content is not complete. This is particularly important if you are designing a brand new website. Make sure to set deadlines for yourself and make room on your calendar. This way you will have the time to sit down and really think about what you want to say instead of rushing at the end just to have something on the page. Being prepared with your content will also help the SEO process go smoothly.

Have a good logo that is memorable, scalable, describable and effective without color

 A logo’s responsibility is to create an impression on potential customers whether it is on a website or a brochure. This impression has to portray what your business is about while still establishing a personal identity. Make sure your logo will look good weather is it small or large, in color or black and white. This will ensure that your logo is versatile and will be easy to use throughout all of your branding materials.

Be able to provide high quality images or a budget to purchase them

Pictures attract people into your website. It helps create an atmosphere for your site and lends itself to the branding of your business. If you don’t have your own, a there are many great cost effective stock resources out there.

Be able to provide direction of what keywords or phrases you want the website to show up when searched

What are the products or services you offer that will draw in visitors. Are you targeting a specific geography. Geo-targeting will reduce some of the unnecessary keyword competition.

Be able to write good copy or have a budget to hire a professional copy writer

The content on your website is valuable for a couple reasons. Search engines read your content as a factor in determining your search engine ranking. It is also what your potential customers read and convinces them to buy your product or service. With all the money and attention to detail you will have on the website design, make sure you put equal importance on having quality content to back-up the design.

Are you having problems communicating with your web designer?  Did you find these tips helpful? Now that you’ve learned how to communicate with your designer, learn more about The Real Truth About How Much It Costs To Build A Website​.

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