SEO Generates More Leads than PPC or Social Media

A new report came out just this month finding that search engine optimization (SEO) is better at generating business leads for both B2B and B2C companies compared to social media and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Webmarketing 123 surveyed more than 500 online marketers in the past 2 months to find out what works, and doesn’t work in the online marketing world.

Of those surveyed, 57% believe SEO was their main method for generating business leads in the B2B market. They found it to be similar in the B2C markets with 41% claiming SEO brought in the most leads. In comparison, social media generated 17.9% for B2B and 24.8% for B2C. PPC generated 24.8% for B2B and 34.2% for B2C.

SEO better than PPC or Social mediaSEO better than PPC or Social media

Because of the great success marketers have seen due to SEO, 53% surveyed are planning on increasing their budget for SEO next year. Only 4% plan on decreasing their SEO budget in 2012.

I think in this case, I am going to let the numbers speak for themselves. This new survey provides insight about hundreds of companies and how much SEO has grown this last year. I think we can expect that it will continue to grow and become a vital part for many companies big or small.

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