Print media is still alive!

Every business, big or small knows the importance of advertising. Without it, it’s impossible to get your company to stand out! Although digital marketing has taken a lead on advertising strategies these days, print media is still a necessity. Banners, posters, brochures, trade show displays, signage, etc. are still being used to get your message out to your target audience. One thing to be sure of when you’re advertising is to stay consistent with your branding; use the same logo, colors, fonts, etc.


Recently, a client asked us to design some banners and printed material for an expo he is participating in. After designing the banners we mocked up what the trade show booth will look like.  These pictures are the mockup and actual setup.  You will notice the consistency of his brand was carried throughout his entire display, including his brochures and business cards. Check out his even matches that!  Don’t settle for less design, let Infinite Web Designs!

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