Fairfield Crystal

At the heart of technological innovation, Fairfield Crystal Technology excels in the cultivation of synthetic crystals, masterfully shaping them into cutting-edge IR/VIS/UV optical components.


Our mission was to rejuvenate their digital presence. They envisioned a website that not only reflected their status as a leading supplier but also enhanced user engagement through modern aesthetics, improved content strategy for SEO, and integrated a seamless job portal to facilitate their growing team’s expansion.


  • Custom Design From Ground Up – No templates, no imitations. This project was a canvas where originality and our client’s vision converged beautifully.
  • WordPress Development – By transitioning to a contemporary WordPress platform, we ensured that aesthetics and utility go hand in hand.
  • SEO – Every page, every post was meticulously optimized. Our SEO strategies aimed to place our client’s new home at the top of search results.


It was a pleasure to work with Yoana, who managed the project. She was always ready to answer any of our questions and to address our concerns, promptly. She listened to our requests with a great attention and as a result of her involvement we ended up with a website design that we were hoping for. Thank you!