Air+, specializing in providing clean and safe breathable air, takes air purification to the next level. Their mission centers around improving health and enhancing life quality by refining surrounding air.

The primary objective for Air+ was to create a fresh identity that accurately represented their innovative product line and company vision. They sought for a comprehensive branding package, including the design of a new logo, a responsive and user-friendly website, and print-friendly marketing materials such as a brochure.


Combining visual aesthetics with functionality, we designed a unique logo capturing Air+’s commitment to pure, breathable air.

Capitalizing on WordPress’s flexibility, we developed a website teeming with elegant simplicity and ease of navigation. The clean design aided in presenting all crucial information in a credible and engaging manner, adhering to the company’s brand.

Lastly, keeping sales events in mind, we designed a standout brochure that serves not just as a basic informative material but as a tangible piece of the Air+ brand, further enhancing its presence in the marketplace. 

Together, we built a cohesive brand image for Air+, making their messages resonate with their target audience.

Working with Infinite Web Designs on our website, logo, and overall branding for Air-Plus was an excellent experience. They navigated through an aggressive timeline, delivering top-notch web design that exceeded our expectations. They maintained an open line of communication that made the project run smoothly. They took the time to truly understand our business and the result was an intuitive and visually engaging website that represents our brand.

I enthusiastically recommend Infinite Web Designs to anyone seeking creative and effective web design. Their professional expertise will help future clients elevate their digital presence and showcase their unique brand identity just as it has done for Air-Plus.
Outstanding work, IWD team!