Paid Advertising for E-Commerce Sites: Is It Worth It?

With the influx of information available online, organically reaching your potential customers can be difficult. Paid advertising allows you to purchase ad space to increase your visibility, drive traffic to your site, and, ideally, generate leads and sales. The options are varied: social media platforms, search engines, and major publications all offer advertising solutions. But, do they really offer a high ROI for e-commerce sites?

Paid Advertising for E-Commerce Allows Measuring

The most important thing to understand is how your campaigns bring in sales. Most platforms will allow you to access important data, such as demographic information, performance indicators, and other important insights to better understand your buyer’s journey.

This is one of the most important advantages of this type of advertising. You can test which ads have better performance, and repeat the formula.

You Significantly Increase Your Reach

By opting to pay for online ads, you get the benefit of reaching potentially millions of viewers. This is especially beneficial for newer sites that are still in the process of building their own audience.

By advertising on big-name sites, especially those directly related to your business (think for example, “Better Homes and Gardens” for a site that offers gardening equipment), you get exposure to potential buyers who are already interested in your product.

It’s Cheap and You Control Your Spending

Online advertising is significantly cheaper than traditional options (such as print advertising). Because you have access to important information, such as click-through rate and cost-per-click, you can control how much you spend and how you spend every penny.

Some sites even offer bid options in which you pay more for more significant visitors who are more likely to buy your product. 

It Allows Targetting

Most sites and platforms have access to tons of data that help you better target your audiences. With this information, ads are served to relevant readers or viewers.

For example, you can choose to only serve your ads to people of a certain age, a specific geographical location, or a specific income bracket. This is important because you don’t waste time and money on viewers who are not interested in what you offer.

Recent Case Studies

Here is the data from the last quarter for the paid ads that we ran for a supplement business.

🟠Their sales increased by 17.6%
🟢Average order value increased by 7.7%
🔵Users increases by 22.2%
🟡New users increased by 22.6%

Local restaurant Google paid ad case study.

We are Google ads certified!

You See Results Faster

Millions of people search the web for products and services, and if you are at the right place and time, they can buy yours. Traditional advertising takes longer, as the majority of viewers (for example, of a billboard) are not looking to make an immediate purchase.

By advertising to people who are already looking for what you offer, your chances of making a sale increase significantly.

Paying for online ads is a great option for online shops. It’s extremely cost-effective and allows you to access a wealth of information to fine-tune your advertising efforts and maximize ROI. Call Infinite Web Designs LLC today, and let’s explore all the ways in which we can help your business grow. Our expert team can answer your questions, create and monitor campaigns, organize data, and help you maximize your advertising budget.

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