Hurricane Preparedness

go2nerdsDue to the inclement weather we may likely face this weekend, we want to pass on some important information provided by our friend, Go2Nerds, about how to prepare your computer for a hurricane.

Hurricane Preparedness

As of this morning the chances of Connecticut having bad weather on Sunday into Monday is extremely likely. High winds, Surf, Very Heavy Rain and Flooding are indicated. We are hopeful that this storm pulls more eastward than the track predicts now, but time will tell us this as we move into the weekend.

We want you to be prepared for this event and urge you to take precautions with your Computers, Electronics and especially your data and backups. Here are some guidelines you should embrace.

  1. Ensure backups are current and take them offsite. Store in a secure / protective location
  2. If equip and file cabinets are on the first floor/basement, get them off the floor
  3. Test batteries on APC / UPS equipment
  4. Perform preventative maintenance on backup generators and test their operational readiness
  5. Get equipment away from windows and cover them with tarps. Water can come through the drop ceiling if the roof fails
  6. Shut down and unplug all non critical equipment
  7. Test all surge protectors and ensure operational
  8. Obtain and distribute after hours numbers for key personnel
  9. Obtain and distribute hard copies of vendor and utility company contact info. You can’t look them up on the internet if the power is out
  10. Create an inventory list of anything taken offsite and assign ‘ownership’ to those items
  11. Come up with alternative options for mission critical tasks
  12. Review company emergency procedures with staff
  13. Board windows as necessary
  14. When preparing, think in terms of not being able to access the facility for several days
  15. Test sump pumps (but they are still useless if the power is out)
  16. Ensure all facility drains (exterior, interior, roof) are free and clear / unclogged. Test with a bucket of water if possible
  17. Charge or Change any necessary batteries
  18. Ensure all loose exterior objects are secure or brought indoors
  19. Place flood barriers as necessary
  20. Close flood doors
  21. Ensure your warranties and flood insurance are up to date

Please don’t hesitate to contact Go2Nerds with any questions or concerns.

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