Flash Drives to Spice Up Your Life

Most USB flash drives (thumb drives, jump drives, USB sticks) are pretty straight forward. There a small little stick that can hold a lot of information. But some people in the Tech world are taking it to the next level and getting a bit creative. These days there are thousands of different designs you can choose from, and this Friday we wanted to share with you some of our favorites.

Keeping your Flash Drive safe

Never worry about someone getting their hands on your flash drive again! This tampon flash drive not only holds your valuable information but will ward off any curious hands, especially ones of the male gender.

Designer Flash Drives

Here are a few more that we couldn’t resist sharing with all of you.

Break incase of emergency
thumb drive
Taking a "thumb" drive too literally
Be careful how you use it!
Someone had too much time on their hands
Getting in shape on the job
Designer tech chic
Never forget your flash drive again

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  1. Janae

    Where can I get the red bracelet flash drive?

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