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5 Reasons to Have a Different Facebook Page for Each Business Location

Does your multi-location business have a separate Facebook page for each physical location? Well, maybe you should! With Facebook Locations, a page management feature offered by Facebook for business, it’s easy to manage multiple pages in one place. Plus, there are so many advantages to having a separate page for each location. Here are five:

  1. Search engines, search engines, search engines!

If your business has more than one location, your customers can find the appropriate page when searching for you in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Not only will you be easier to find, your customers will be directed to the page most relevant to them.

  1. Show your locations on a map!

When you use the Facebook Locations feature, you’ll have a main brand page, structured like a “parent page” with several sub-pages, one for each of your business locations. On the brand page, a map will appear which clearly shows each location. And clicking on a map marker will redirect to that location’s specific Facebook page. In addition to the map, each page will be listed under a Locations tab on your brand page. Your customers can see your whole business at a glance, yet easily find a specific locale.

  1. Customer Reviews

If you have a separate page for each location, your customers can leave reviews specific to the place they visited. Online reviews are becoming increasingly important in customers’ buying decisions so making it easy for them to link a review to a specific location offers value. And it helps you to understand your customers’ experience from one location to another.

  1. Offer localized content

While Facebook Locations makes it easy to share the same content on each of your pages, sometimes you want to share localized content. Maybe you are running a promotion in only certain areas. Or maybe you want to feature a particular employee, customer or vendor or highlight job openings specific to one location. Having a separate page for each business gives you the ability to tailor your content to your individual audiences.

  1. Run ads and see insights specific to each location

Running location-based Facebook ads is a great way to generate awareness for a specific site. And the insights from those ads can be valuable. If you have a separate page for each business location, you can find out how people connect with different locations, see how different markets respond to content and even grow your local audiences by providing content that is highly local and relevant.

With Facebook Locations, you can connect and manage all of your business locations in one place. That means time saved. Now who couldn’t use more time?

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