Top Tips for a Fabulous Google+ Page

Google+ is a social media website that not only lets you have a personal profile, but also a company page. This page allows you to advertise you business, connect with people and share photos, videos, and general information. To make sure you have the most fabulous Google+ page out there, follow these simple tips:


It is important to include an address into your Google+ page so that when someone in your area is doing a Google search, Google knows to pick your page over another who is not in the area. Google tries to deliver the most convenient results to its searchers, so make sure it is convenient for them to find out where your business is located.


Multiple Admins

The best way to start growing connections on your Google+ page is to invite people that are connected with you on your personal profile. Google+ page allows you to have multiple admins so more than one person can control the content on your Google+ page. The advantage of multiple admins is that you have multiple personal accounts that you can draw from and invite to follow your Google+ page. This will give your Google+ page an extra boost in connections and help you grow in the long-run.


The Visual Effect

Once you get people on your Google+ page, you want them to stay there for a while. Make your Google+ page more visually interesting and more interactive by adding pictures and videos. This will give your page a unique and personal feel that people look for.





One of the underutilized features of Google+ is the ability to “Hangout.” A “Hangout” is a live video chat where you can have conversations with your followers without ever leaving the office. You can use these Hangouts to demo new products, have an impromptu workshop, or deal with customer service issues. To get started with a Google+ Hangout, you must first install their Hangout plug-in


Vanity URL

Vanity URLs make it easier for people to remember your page URL and hopefully lead more people to your page. Although Google+ currently doesn’t have a vanity URL system, there is a work around to this problem. allows you to put in all those crazy numbers at the end of your Google+ page’s URL and create a much shorter URL. To show the difference, we did it for the IWD Google+ page.

Original URL:

Gplus URL: – See how much easier this is to remember

If you have any other suggestions or questions about Google+ Pages, leave a comment below or contact IWD.

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