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Blogs have been around a lot longer than Twitter and Facebook, so we have a much clearer picture of how to effectively use them. Most people read business related blogs in the morning with readers peaking around 10-11am EST. There is also a tendency to see more readers on Monday mornings than other days of the week. I believe this is because many people who work, start their day off by going through their emails and reading up on news. However, don’t think that this is a one size fits all scenario. It is good to experiment with different times and days to find out what works best for your target audience. There is a new trend breaking out that suggests people are starting to read more blogs on Fridays, so make sure to test, test, and test some more.

If your blog is strictly for your business, about your business, you should steer clear of weekends. On the other hand, if your blog is more personal, I would suggest posting closer to the weekend. People tend to comment more on personal blogs on Saturdays, when people have time to catch up on non-work related blogs.

If you post blogs on a daily basis, consistency is more important than the time you post. For daily post’ers, people get in a habit of checking your blog at the same time every day. Humans are creatures of habit; if you are inconsistent with postings, you will lose loyal followers quickly and have a tough time earning new ones.

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