Social Media Revolution

No one can deny that social media is here to stay. It has engulfed our younger generations and has offered advertising and marketing possibilities to small and big businesses alike. A friend sent me this video created by John Lai that was posted on YouTube last year. I think it is a great example of exactly how much communication has changed and how fast it is changing.

As displayed in this video, if you are not playing a role in social media you are missing a huge market of people. More and more people depend on Google searches, Facebook commentary, and blog advice to make their consumer decisions. Becoming involved in social media is not too expensive, it just takes time. I hope this video proves that taking the time is worth the value to your business. Infinite Web Designs can help you come up with a social media strategy, set up your accounts, and even manage them. Contact us today to start or improve your social media business strategy and take advantage of the endless possibilities waiting for you.

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