Spreading Social Media Love To All!


This Valentine’s Day we want to share the love with all of our friends. In light of the holiday we would like to start a comments chain. Here is how it works: If you post a comment on one of our blogs posts or on IWD’s Facebook Page, we will return the love by posting a comment on your blog or Facebook page.

We all know that getting the conversation started is the hardest task; so we want to help! Maintaining a conversation with people online is very important for your business. It creates a space for your current and potential clients to give you feedback about your products and allows you the chance to educate people about your industry. Showing how much you care about your customers may convince others to buy your products or services.

As an added bonus, these conversations can help you with your search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like to see website blogs that are active and adding new content. The more active it is, the better it is for your SEO. You can also harness the power of Facebook and get more people to go to your website. The additional traffic to your site will help your SEO and hopefully help you land more business.

Join us in our “Spreading the Love” campaign and start the conversation today!

Quick Tip: Who is talking about you on Twitter?

Top 4 Things to Love About your Website this Valentine’s Day

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  1. Wendy Brandt Martinenas

    I speak from the heart when I say “I love Infinite Web Designs” They do a great job and are wonderful people to work with. Happy Valentines Day right at you.

    1. IWDadmin

      We enjoyed creating Snappy Green (http://snappygreen.com/) with you Wendy. Thanks for sharing the LOVE!

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