Quick Tip: Twitter Whiners

Sometimes you will have an issue with someone repeatedly making negative comments about your company. You want them to stop but you are not sure how. Whether you intervene into the conversation should be discussed on a case by case basis. However, if you feel it is libel you may want to step in sooner than later. The best advice I can give is to contact this person via twitter and offer to help anyway you can. Most times they will stop talking about you once they know you are listening. Unfortunately, if they keep it up there is not much you can do. The more you respond the more negative attention you will get. Usually it is better to just let them rant. There is a certain type of person who just likes to complain about everything, and the people reading their twitter feeds will probably figure that out pretty quickly and learn to ignore the rants. Eventually they will get tired of talking about you, and move one to someone else. As long as you make that initial step to reach out and lend a hand, you will maintain a good company image.

If you want advice about a specific incident happening to your company, leave a message below explaining your situation.

What to do About Twitter Whiners


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