International Car Wash Group (ICWG)

Based in Centennial, Colorado and London, England, International Car Wash Group is the world’s largest local car wash conglomerate washing more than 35 million cars a year through a network of more than 890 locations in 14 countries across Europe, the U.S., and Australia. Focused on delivering consistent car wash...

AcuFocus Logo

AcuFocus University

AcuFocus University, the online educational resource for the IC-8 IOL, helping physicians further their education on the small aperture IOL through published pieces of literature. OBJECTIVES: The client came to us looking for: A password protected portal to list specific publications Links had to open in a new window whenever...

Conlon & McGlynn

Strategic Communications Consulting, LLC

Strategic Communications Consulting helps companies communicate change effectively to their employees to minimize disruption and achieve results. OBJECTIVE: Strategic Communications Consulting came to us looking for a new logo to rebrand themselves. SOLUTION: We provided about 5 logo concepts for consideration. We worked through the various emotions each design concept...

Blue Hawk Investigations Logo

Bluehawk Investigations

Paul Cramer Logo

Paul Cramer Law

Idea Exchange Logo

Idea Exchange

Idea Exchange provides both qualitative market research using focus research groups and helps manage product development and idea generation. During this redesign we not only implemented a user-friendly website allowing Idea Exchange to make their own website updates, but updated their logo as well. This new sleek and professional design,...