5 Easy Tricks to Improve your Blog

Here are 5 tricks that you should keep in mind while writing your next blog post.

  1. Short and sweet. People do not want to read a book online, most people will skim anyway. So, keeping it short and concise is a must. Short paragraphs and bulleted lists help people skim better and retrieve more information.
  2. Don’t blog, to blog. Make what you have to say count. What does your audience want to hear about? Make sure your content has value to it, and is something people will want to spend their time reading about.
  3. Don’t Advertise. People are bombarded with advertising every second of their life. The reason they go out to read blogs is not to read more advertising. Blogs have become popular because of their casual format and the valuable information they provide. So don’t toot your horn too much, if they like your blog there should be no need for advertising.
  4. Add links. Allow people to use your blog as a jumping off point. Send them to other parts of your site or other resource sites. This helps with the search engine optimization of your site, and it makes your blog more interactive. Links can also strike up a relationship with another business. If you post link for another business on your site, they might return the favor by putting your link on their site..
  5. Call to action!! Always have some sort of call to action on your blog post. If you capture the attention of your readers you want them to know what to do next. For example, you can pose a question to start a discussion on your blog; or, send them to a specific website that refers to subject of your blog post

Do you have a few tricks up your sleeve? Share with us below about your blog post tricks.

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