Google: Changing How People Find Your Business Online

There have been a few changes to the Google search engine and Google+ that are imperative for you to know. These changes will affect how people use Google search and what you need to add to your online marketing plan to get good results.


Google Search Changes

Google search engine has now created two different ways for you to search on their website. You can now select between personal (Custom) search results and global search results. The global search results are what we have now. This will display results from all over the globe, and rank them based on their relevancy to your search inquiry. The new search type is your personal search results. Personal search results tie in global search results with posts from your friends on Google + and other social media sites. The results will be ranked not only by relevance but also by your relationships with the people posting the information. For example, if you are doing a search about “Pepsi,” your friends who have made comments about “Pepsi” will pop up on the top of your personal search results before other global search results. This gives a larger voice to the people you are personally connected to.

To learn more about the specifics of this change please visit Google’s Official Blog

The interesting thing about this change is the fact that on the personal search results, Google+ posts and pages are favored way more than Facebook, Twitter, or any other major social media site. For instance, Pepsi’s Facebook page has a lot more activity and followers than their Google+ site. However, the Google+ site will rank higher than Facebook. Many people in the industry believe this is a very bold move by Google. Because of this bias it forces the hand of marketers to adopt Google+ into their online marketing strategies.

To see these changes in action, we have created an Infinite Web Designs Google+ page.

To create a Google+ page, you need to create a personal Google profile and branch off of the profile to create a business page. It is a similar structure to the Facebook profile and the Facebook business page. The steps are very easy to follow and you can put as much or as little information as you want. Check back on Friday we will have a blog with our top tips for a fabulous Google+ page.



Below is just one example of the results I found after our new IWD Google+ page had been live for 25 minutes. Please take note that these personal search results show a bias towards Google+ compared to all other sites, making it a necessity to have a Google+ page to rank well.

I typed in “web design Fairfield ct” into the Google search bar, using my personal search results. IWD’s Google+ page ranked 3rd overall. The Google+ page even came before the IWD Homepage, which was ranked 5th & 6th. When I switched it to the global search results and kept the same search entry, the IWD Homepage jumped up to the 1st ranked position and the IWD Google+ page was nowhere to be found. This just goes to show that almost instantly; you can see results when you create a Google+ page. You cannot get these types of results, this quickly, any other way. To show up ranked so highly often takes months (not minutes) of SEO and online marketing to achieve. If you don’t have a Google+ page you could be missing out on potential visitors using the new personal search results feature. To learn more about Google+ pages and how IWD can help set you up with one, contact IWD today.

IWD Google+ page results


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