Fun Friday Fact!

Ten Shortcuts on Microsoft Word you didn’t know about

  1. F4 – Repeats the last action performed (for Word 2000+)
  2. Ctrl+F2 – Print preview
  3. Alt+Ctrl+F2 – Opens documents
  4. Ctrl+Z – Undo last action, which always comes in handy
  5. Ctrl+L – Aligns everything to the left
  6. Alt+Shift+D – Insert the current date
  7. Ctrl+K – Inserts a link
  8. F5 – Opens the “find and replace” window
  9. F7 – Checks for spelling and grammar mistakes
  10. Ctrl+Mouse wheel – Zooms in and out of the document

Now it’s your turn! Share any shortcuts you find come in handy in your daily life. Have a great weekend!

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