Facebook Changes…Are You Ready?

Once again there are new changes for Facebook, big and small. Although we are annoyed, as you might have noticed from our facebook comments, we are trying to embrace them. We thought it would be nice to forewarn people so that the transition can be as smooth as possible. The changes vary from dramatic layout changes to simple conveniences that we have been wishing for. For example, now you can click on the birthday present in the top right corner and see all of your friends who have birthdays that day and make comments on their walls without having to go to each one individually. However, this new feature is nothing compared to some of the much bigger changes you will see soon.



Facebook is introducing a 2 column timeline with a very large main picture on the top. It will replace our current profile pages. The timeline is a combination of pictures, videos and wall posts organized by time. With Facebook algorithms, they will place all of these artifacts of your life together, almost like a scrapbook. Another nice feature is that on any picture, wall post, status update, or video you can change your privacy setting. That way each life event is customized. This timeline will be used to show the type of person you are, and organize your Facebook life. See how to switch over to Facebook timeline now.






Do you ever get annoyed by that one friend that is constantly updating their status and filling up your newsfeed? Worry no more! The newsfeed is breaking into two columns. The main column will still include all of the things you want to share with your friends; like videos and pictures. However, updates like someone becoming friends with another person, or someone liking a comment your friend made, will now be place on a smaller column, called the ticker,  on the top right of your newsfeed page. This column will also include what music people are listening to, or what book they are reading. If you want, you can click on those posts and actually listen to the song, or read the book…pretty cool huh?!

Friend Button

The new Facebook friend button will allow you to easily place different friends into groups of how you know them. This way your privacy settings can be set differently for your friends, family, and co-workers. This change is really a copycat of Google+ circles, which does the same thing. This change makes your page more customized and you will not have to worry about your boss seeing those pictures your friend’s posted from your wild weekend.

Subscribe Button

Facebook is introducing a brand new button called “subscribe.” It is for business pages and profile pages alike. It works the same way a subscribing to blogs. When you subscribe to a friend’s profile or business page, you can choose how much you hear about that person or company. You can select to see all the updates, most of the updates (which is what you see normally), or only important updates. This button, like the friend button will allow you to customize your page so that you see the information you want to see.

Some of these changes have already been rolled out, and others will happen in the next few weeks. If you want to hear it from Mark himself, watch the video below. The video of Mark Zuckerberg is during his most recent F8 developer conference. It is not his whole speech but you hear a lot about his philosophy behind the changes and how these will change things for the future.

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