Creating a Good Tag Line For Your Company

Tag lines are an extension of your company’s name and provide more information about what your company does. It is important to spend time coming up with a good tagline that fits your business and memorable. Tag lines are particularly crucial if your company’s name does not make it obvious what you do.

Here are the 4 basic steps you need to follow to create a good company tagline

  1. What is the purpose of this tag line?
    Are you trying to sell a particular product, or is this more of a PR message about your company?
    EX:You want to advertise yourself as a real estate agent
  2. What benefits will the people listening to your tag line get?
    You want something that is going to stand out to people, and make them feel like they know what they are getting by choosing your company.
    EX: Help you sell your house
  3. Add adjectives. Come up with adjectives that you think will help combine your first 2 steps.
    EX:Reliable, dependable, trustworthy
  4. Put it all together! You have all the pieces of the puzzle, now you just have to mix them around and try different combinations, till you find one that works for you.
    EX:Your Name Realty, A Name Friends Recommend

Keep it Simple

Don’t try and be clever. As fun as it is to try and come up with something witty and charming, it often doesn’t send the right message. Plus, you might end up with a bunch of confused people who don’t get the cleverness, and then you spend more time explaining your tagline than selling yourself or your product.

Be Unique

There are many ways to stick out of the crowd. Instead of making a broad generalized statement about your company, have a couple more tailored product-specific taglines. This way, depending on the people, you can pick one that matches the conversation and grab the attention of your listeners.

Make it Memorable

Something short and sweet usually does the trick. I suggest nothing more than 2 short sentences long, and I strongly encourage keeping it down to one. Try and consider your tag line sort of like poetry. Pick words that go well together, and roll off your tongue easily. Also, consider what word(s) to emphasize. Changing where you normally would put an emphasis or adding extra emphasis on a word, can change an ordinary tag-line into a memorable one.

Optimize Your Tagline for the Web

When creating your tagline, you want it to work for you in as many ways as possible. Making sure you have the most important keywords that are also optimized on your website, will help give you an extra boost in the  SEO of your website.

Need Some feedback? Post your work-in-progress taglines below.

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