Happy Holidays from the IWD Team…

…and a heathy, happy, successful 2015!

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IN THE NEWS: Amy Delardi Speaks on Branding

What: Hear what Amy DeLardi has to say about Branding Yourself and Your Business

Where: Westport Library
20 Jesup Road, Westport, CT 06880

When: December 9, 2014

Why: Set yourself and your business apart from your competition!

Read full article at Westport’s Hamlet Hub – Article by Thomas Fiffer

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ALERT: Your WordPress website may be vulnerable to attack!

Here is how you can protect your most valuable marketing asset!

You’ve put a lot of thought and creativity into yourwebsite, probably your most productive marketing channel.  Don’t fall prey to the latest security attack and lose all your hard earned equity.

More than 60 million websites using WordPress are under a denial-of-service (DoS) attack.  This DoS attack was discovered by Nir Goldshlager, CEO of Break Security.  It is an attempt to prevent access to a selected website or web server by capturing and overloading its available memory and processing resources.  In some cases the website actually may crash.

WordPress Versions Affected

WordPress 3.5 – 3.9 (Version 3.9.2 and later will not be affected by this attack)

WordPress Fix

 A patch for this DoS vulnerability is available.  We recommend that you do the following:

  1. Log in to WordPress and check the bottom of your screen.  The WordPress version will be displayed there.
  2. If yours is a vulnerable version, click on the link shown to upgrade WordPress to the latest version.

Help is available if you are unsure about performing the upgrade:

  • Click on the following link:

  •  Contact IWD
    1. Phone: 203.307.5107
    2. Email:

Note to Drupal Users 

Drupal (Versions 6.x – 7.x) also is vulnerable to this DoS attack.

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Happy Holidays from the IWD Team!

and a Happy New Year!

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Fairfield Public Library Website Redesign – A Fresh Approach For A Valued Community Resource

June 5th was a HUGE day for us at IWD as we launched our first large-scale municipal project. The Board of Library Trustees of the Fairfield Public Library generously funded a new website for their library system and we had the privilege of helping make their vision come alive! It took 15 months to complete the project and we couldn’t possibly be more proud and excited.

Fairfield Public Library located in Fairfield, CT is comprised of a Main Library and a Branch known as Fairfield Woods. Their website averages over 2 million hits a year and their physical libraries serve an average of over 2,000 patrons a day. In a town with a population of 59,000 it’s clearly a hot spot.

Analysis conducted by IWD alongside FPL staff showed some key elements of the previous FPL website were under accessed by the public; that data gave us a great starting point. Because the FPL staff work with the public every day, they came into planning sessions with impressive insight regarding what the new site needed to best serve the public.Of course the design needed to be visually attractive but at the core of everything was navigation, navigation, navigation! This meant organizing content in a manner that was intuitive, making it easy to access for all ages. Because the library offers such a wide range of services and programs, there was a lot of information to incorporate into the architecture.

Some of the major design elements incorporated into the new website:

  • Automatic updated feeds for new library materials and programs on the home page
  • Hours and contact information highly visible and easy to locate
  • Easy to find list of services and digital resources such as databases
  • Events calendars are automatically updated on the homepages (Main, Branch, Teens & Childrens)
  • Vibrant background imagery on the Children’s and Teen pages of the site

It was a great feeling for us to work with a library we love in our own backyard! If you look up team effort, this project really fits the bill. That patrons are telling us about their positive experiences accessing information about their library and its wonderful services on the new website makes it especially fulfilling.

You don’t need to live in Fairfield to explore the new website, so we invite you to check it out. Get it? “Check it out”…that’s a library expression *wink wink.*

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What happens if you hit the dreaded update link on your WordPress website?

Is curiosity getting the better of you? Are you wondering if you should click that pesky little “please update now” link in the dashboard of your WordPress website? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is, yes, you should be paying attention to keeping your website up to date.  Why?

  • Security – Outdated software and components mean higher risk of viruses and exposure to hackers. Every time WordPress releases an update it means the previous version has vulnerabilities that have been resolved. Just as you update your anti-virus software quarterly or annually, you need to use the same vigilance with your website.
  • Site Improvements – Code is getting leaner and faster. A software update can speed your site load times. Keep in mind that Google and other major search engines factor load time into their ranking results. A slow load time may mean a competitor’s site that loads faster gets ranked higher.
  • New and improved functionality – The public has grown pretty sophisticated about what they want and expect from a website. Using out of date technology may reflect poorly on your business. For example, is your website compatible with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets? If your website is providing ecommerce, are you offering a full-range of options to enhance your customer experience?

Here comes the bad news…

As with any software or plug-in update there are risks to take into consideration when updating your WordPress site. What are the risks?

  • Breaking your site – By updating a component and not checking for compatibility with your website you may break the layout/design of the site and impact the functionality.
  • Inaccessible – An update may cause the site to go down and make it inaccessible to browsers or display an error page. Another accessibility issues when updating a site may occur when there are excess files that need to be removed. If not removed, the site may not load, leaving you scratching your head and calling in an expert.
  • Lack of experience – There are precautionary measures to take when doing a site update. Infinite Web Designs is experienced in these site maintenance precautions which ensures a smooth updating process. That will save you time and aggravation!

Interested in having us help you?

We are offering a special new year package, contact us today!  203.307.5107 or email us at

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Presentation: Necessary Components for this years Marketing Plan

No better way to spend a rainy night than to share great nuggets of information regarding all things MARKETING!  The Fairfield Public Library and SCORE brought in a great crowd tonight!  54 business owners who were a great audience and had excellent questions.  Thanks to those of you who ventured out on this cold and rainy night and thank you again to Fairfield CT Library.

Here is a link to tonight’s presentation…Necessary Components For This Year’s Marketing Plan

Please don’t hesitate to share your comments or questions on tonight’s presentation.  Don’t forget to follow us on our various social media platforms either!

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Free Workshop for a Rainy Night

Fairfield County LibraryWhat better way to spend a rainy night than with Amy DeLardi discussing all things marketing!

Amy will be presenting at the Fairfield County Library tonight at 7pm. She will be discussing online marketing and the vital part it plays in your business marketing plan. Amy will break down all the different strategies that make up a marketing plan and help you develop a customized plan to fit your business.

Small Business Strategies – Online Marketing Plan

Date: February 16, 2012

Time: 7pm

Location: Fairfield Public Library

Rotary Room
1080 Old Post Rd
Fairfield, ct


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Open House This Friday!

This Friday Amy DeLardi of Infinite Web Designs and Doris Ingber of Kismet Feng Shui, will be hosting an open house at their new office. Please drop by anytime between 11am-7pm. There will be drinks and snacks during the day and wine and cheese in the evening.

Date: December 2, 2011

Time: 11am-7pm

Location: 1895 Post Road, Unit C, Fairfield


Facebook IconRSVP online

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SEO Generates More Leads than PPC or Social Media

A new report came out just this month finding that search engine optimization (SEO) is better at generating business leads for both B2B and B2C companies compared to social media and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Webmarketing 123 surveyed more than 500 online marketers in the past 2 months to find out what works, and doesn’t work in the online marketing world.

Of those surveyed, 57% believe SEO was their main method for generating business leads in the B2B market. They found it to be similar in the B2C markets with 41% claiming SEO brought in the most leads. In comparison, social media generated 17.9% for B2B and 24.8% for B2C. PPC generated 24.8% for B2B and 34.2% for B2C.

SEO better than PPC or Social mediaSEO better than PPC or Social media

Because of the great success marketers have seen due to SEO, 53% surveyed are planning on increasing their budget for SEO next year. Only 4% plan on decreasing their SEO budget in 2012.

I think in this case, I am going to let the numbers speak for themselves. This new survey provides insight about hundreds of companies and how much SEO has grown this last year. I think we can expect that it will continue to grow and become a vital part for many companies big or small.

To learn more of IWD’s SEO services, visit our search engine optimization webpage.

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