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Become the 2% of people that search Google correctly…learn how in 6 minutes

I stumbled upon this video and thought is was a really effective way to search on a specific keyword or keyphrase within Google. 98% of people should be searching this way instead of 2%.

Only the top 2% do Google Search like this

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PR & Social Media Can Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

As the head of IWD, I am always studying the latest trends in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

One of these newest trends is the publication of press releases to boost website search engine rankings and to create spikes in web traffic.

In addition to publishing via the web, posting press releases on blogs and on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can further boost search engine rankings by prolonging the press release’s “shelf-life.”

As an industry leader, the IWD team will create a SEO strategy, using the latest “tricks-of-the-trade,” to boost your search engine rankings and ultimately give your business the competitive edge.

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